weber concrete repair systemWeber Concrete Repair SystemWeber.cem, as it is known, is one of the world’s leading Concrete Repair systems, and M J Lancley is proud to be able to offer this here in Gibraltar. This is another industry changing product brought to you by Weber.

Reinforced concrete’s durability can be impaired by a number of factors including:

  • Design flaws
  • Incorrect mixing
  • Inappropriate placement
  • Wrong curing

Concrete repair and protection has become a big part of the construction industry in recent years, and concrete repair has quickly become the number product for the job.

M J Lancley is a building company bringing Concrete Repair and Protection services in Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara, Estepona, La Duquesa, Gibraltar the Costa del sol.

M J Lancley’s staff are all Weber qualified meaning that not only can we offer Weber.Cem concrete repair system in Gibraltar but we can also add the finishing weber.cote smooth anti carbonation coating after, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

Below you can see some of the case studies where the weber.cem products have been used and how.

Springfield Estate London

weber concrete repair springfield estate
Location: Stockwell, London
Contractor: Breyer Group
Gibraltar – Weber Concrete Repair
Products: weber.cem keycoat, weber.cem HB30, weber.cem fairing coat, weber.cote, weber.tec guard MCI
Features: Weber concrete repair materials were extensively applied to social housing accommodation on the Springfield Estate in Stockwell, as part of an extensive regeneration scheme. Hundreds of post-war dwellings in several large four and five storey apartment blocks received an exterior makeover including repairs to parapet walls, re-pointing and repair to stacks, new roofs, and substantial concrete repairs to overhead balcony soffits.

Multiple visual cracks to the balcony soffits identified the need for essential remedial work. Identified areas were ground out to expose the steel reinforcing in the substrate, the areas were thoroughly prepared and the steel substrate maintained to BS 7079A1. Before the void was filled, an application of weber.cem keycoat was applied to the back of the cleaned reinforced bars providing an essential bridging bond. Weber.cem HB30 was used to fill the voids once the keycoat is tacky. The surfaces were then treated with weber.cem anti-carbonation coatings.

Enterprise House Chingford, London

Concrete Repair and Protection
Location: Chingford, London
Specifier: EAC Housing Care
Client: Housing & Community Association
Contractor: CRL
Products: weber.cem concrete repair system weber.cote clear renovexP weber.cote EC
Features: Enterprise House is a social housing sheltered housing scheme that required anti carbonation coatings applied to the exposed aggregate of the precast concrete panels. The roof parapet required minor concrete repairs due to concrete spalling due to reinforcement corrosion induced by carbonated concrete. The exposed roof parapet was coated with a high performance elastmeric coating. Weber.cote EC.