• Montagu Gardens

MJ Lancley carried out perhaps the largest render works in Gibraltar’s history. The Montagu Gardens Gibraltar project commenced in April 2010 and involved completely rendering the façades of all the blocks within the estate – a considerable job when considering some of the figures involved.

The total area in need of rendering was calculated at 18,000 m2. This is roughly the area of 3 football pitches, covering a series of vertical façades. In order to complete this extensive work, a team of 35 fully trained employees worked daily on the site for 2 years, applying up to 117 tons of render undercoat in order to prepare the buildings ahead of the main rendering work.

A further treatment of an additional 4,500 litres of primer was used prior to the application of 49 tons of render topcoat. With the expertise and experience of our Gibraltar team and the certified and guaranteed quality of the products used, this work on the Montagu Gardens Estate has breathed a new lease of life into the buildings, effectively restoring them to looking as new as when they were originally built.

Given the sheer size and scale of the Montagu Gardens project, it is testament to MJ Lancley’s dedication and professionalism, and the hard work, talent and experience of its employees and management team, that the render works were completed ahead of schedule in September 2012.

Seeing this particular contract, worth £23m, through to early completion, MJ Lancley continues to build on its reputation for providing value, quality workmanship and expertise. Providing the highest quality of skills, services and products (guaranteed through the partnering relationships maintained with all major manufacturers) makes MJ Lancley a company unrivalled in the art of rendering, which is merely one service amongst the many others we provide within various key areas of construction in Gibraltar.