Light gauged steel construction

Light gauge steel construction is very similar to wood framed construction in principle – the wooden framing members are replaced with thin steel sections. Like in wooden framed construction, a frame of steel members is first constructed, and then clad with dry sheeting on both sides to form a load bearing wall.

MJ Lancley & light gauged steel

We are working with Light gauge steel construction along costa del sol Spain, Marbella, Estepona, San Pedro, Sotogrande, La Duquesa, Gibraltar and London.

There are a great range of systems and products catering to this type of construction.


Light gauge steel construction are super strong and commonly rated for earthquakes and high wide storms. The product is made from 60% recycled steel, minimalises onsite waste, and is unaffected by pests or mold.


  • They are light, and allow quick building without heavy tools or equipment. Since steel is strong, LGS structures are lighter than wood framed structures of equivalent strength.
  • Quicker construction times.
  • It is able to shape itself to any form.
  • It is easy to change or modify this construction at any point in its lifespan.
  • Light gauge steel structures are non-combustible, which is a code requirement for some types of structures. Since steel loses its strength in fire quite easily, it must be protected from fire with fire rated sheeting.
  • Light gauge steel structures do not rot, shrink, warp, or decompose like wood structures.

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